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Meet The Team

Meet our fantastic team comprised of seasoned experts, committed to providing exceptional service. We are dedicated to delivering tailored solutions in the dynamic world of infrastructure and construction.

Allow our seasoned team to guide you towards achieving your goals, ensuring a prosperous and fulfilling future ahead.


Marcus Beverly

Managing Director

Leading CHR Recruitment with utmost motivation, dedicated to driving success for our valued clients and exceptional candidates.

Mobile: 07956 951463


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Tyler Walton

Operations Manager

Skilfully driving brand awareness and lead generation, resulting in amplified market presence and exceptional growth opportunities.

Mobile: 07939 399477


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Caitlin Barton

Head Of  Telecommunications

At the helm of telecommunications, Caitlin's specialised knowledge and extensive network amplify industry connections, fostering excellence and innovation within CHR Recruitment.

Mobile: 079393 99481


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